Overview of CREW Integrations and how to set them up

E-Commerce Platform

  • Shopify - Before CREW will be made available to your customers, you must approve the app subscription. When you click 'Approve' you'll be redirected to Shopify where you can approve the subscription. You will only be billed through this app subscription if you are not using Green Shipping Protection.
  • Green Shipping Protection - Install the Green Shipping Protection app to use Corso's Post-Purchase platform to the fullest. Green Shipping Protection can help cover shipping issues, CREW platform fees and more. Learn more.

Shipping Provider

Connecting a Shipping Provider is required in order to initiate shipments, verify shipping rates and generate return labels. Simply toggle on the shipping provider you want to connect and paste your API key. Configure a Shipping Provider.

WMS Platform

Connect to a WMS Platform to create RMA (return merchandise authorization) requests through CREW.