ShipBob Integration

Creates a return record within ShipBob when a return is started through CREW

CREW integrates with ShipBob to make processing returned products and adjusting stock easier. ShipBob is a third-party logistics (3PL) company that provides e-commerce businesses with fulfillment services including storage, packing, and shipping of orders.


When a return is started by a customer through CREW, a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is created in ShipBob once the package is marked 'In Transit' by the postal carrier. We are only able to create RMAs for products that have a valid SKU in Shopify / Shipbob.


To start, generate a ShipBob Access Token within ShipBob:

Then add your ShipBob generated access token into the ShipBob integration in CREW.

After onboarding we will automatically select the most recently used Fulfillment Center to create RMAs, this can be changed by updating it in the settings following install.