What is Carbon Offset?

Carbon Offset is a service that offsets any carbon emitted from the customer's shipment

Green Shipping Protection

The highlight of Green Shipping Protection is the Carbon Offset service we provide to customers who want to cancel any carbon due to standard freight emissions.

The impact of shipping a package

As products get shipped across the country,  carbon gets emitted directly into the environment. For example, A 20 tonne truck traveling 1000 miles emits over 3 metric tonnes of CO2. To put this in perspective, the average US household produces 15 - 20 metric tons of CO2 each year.

As packages get shipped via ocean, railway, or road, the environmental cost adds up with every purchase that is placed, packaged, and shipped.

How you can help?

While your package may be small and not weigh very much, when you combine it with the millions of other packages being shipped every day, the environmental impact is staggering.

So whenever you place an order online with one of our partner merchants, you will be presented with the opportunity to pay a small amount to offset the carbon from your shipment.

For most orders placed online, unless the package is extremely heavy, this will be less than $1.

Combine all those dollars from millions of online purchases and we can really make a difference together.

Here's how it works:

1. Merchants + Corso: Environmentally conscience merchants give their customers the chance to offset their carbon

2. Carbon Calculation: based on package weight and shipping distance, a calculation is made to determine how much carbon is emitted. There is also a small processing fee we apply to run our Green Shipping Protection program and promote it's importance.

3. Carbon Offset Projects: Corso uses the Carbon Offset amount to invest in verified Carbon Offset projects.