Carbon Calculation

The total amount is based on weight and distance

How the industry measures carbon

The industry measures carbon in terms of metric tons. While it can fluctuate, the price to offset a metric ton of carbon is typically $10 - $15. Terrapass is always a good resource:

A fully loaded truck going 1000 miles will emit about 3 metric tons of carbon.

The customer's carbon offset calculation

Using a simple formula, we can take the package weight, shipping distance, and current carbon offset rates to give an amount to the customer.

For example, take a 10 pound package being shipped 1500 miles. When we use a rate of $11.00 to offset a metric ton of CO2, the cost to the individual is about $0.30.

Corso has a flat processing fee of $0.25 for all carbon offset purchases which would bring the total amount to $0.55 for the carbon offset.

The entire offset amount is invested in verified Carbon Offset Projects.

Corso uses the processing fee to run our Green Shipping Protection program and promote the importance of offsetting carbon in e-commerce.

It's Our Time

It's our time to make a difference. Let's work together on offsetting the carbon of all e-commerce shipments.