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How to Implement Green Shipping Protection in Tapcart Mobile Checkout

Green Shipping Protection can now be added to Tapcart's Mobile App web checkout

Tapcart + Corso

Great news! Brands using the Tapcart Mobile App can now add Corso Green Shipping Protection to their web checkout. Tapcart is a platform that helps brands increase sales through mobile commerce. This new functionality gives brands peace of mind knowing customers can purchase shipping protection for their mobile orders.

How to Implement Corso into a Tapcart Mobile App

To implement Corso Green Shipping Protection into your mobile app, brands need to meet two requirements:

  1. Default to Web Checkout by turning off Native Checkout - To disable Native Checkout, follow these steps: (visit Tapcart's help page article here for more detail)
    1. Navigate to ‘Settings’ under your Tapcart Dashboard
    2. Scroll down to the ‘Cart & Checkout’ section
    3. Turn off the toggle labeled ‘Allow for Native Checkout’ 
    4. Tap ‘Save’ to update your settings 
    5. Notify a Tapcart Team Member to complete additional configuration on the backend
  2. Update to Shopify Checkout UI Extensibility - This is Shopify's New Checkout that allows brands to add custom features and functionality to your checkout page (Learn more about Checkout UI Extensions here).
    1. Add the Corso Checkout Extension - This will allow you to add Corso Green Shipping Protection to your Checkout (see Corso Checkout Extension implementation here).
  3. Verify that Shipping Protection is in Checkout - Utilize Tapcart's "Preview your app" feature to get a visual representation of how Green Shipping Protection appears in mobile checkout.