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Corso Green Shipping Protection in Shopify Checkout UI Extensibility

Corso Green Shipping Protection is available as a Shopify Checkout UI extension, making it easier than ever for brands to offer their customers peace of mind and a more sustainable shipping experience.

What is Shopify Checkout Extensions?

Checkout extensions are a powerful tool that can be used to improve the checkout experience for Shopify brands and their customers. By adding custom content and functionality to their checkout pages, brands can increase conversion rates and boost sales. Checkout UI extensions are easy to install and use, and they can be customized to match the look and feel of any Shopify store.

Disclaimer: Green Shipping Protection will continue to work with checkout.liquid customizations until Shopify moves all Shopify Plus customers to extensibility in August 2024. Updating to Shopify's Checkout UI Extensibility is not required until then.

Corso Shipping Protection is now available in Shopify Checkout Extensions

Corso’s Checkout Extension adds shipping protection to your newly updated Shopify checkout.  As an extension built into Shopify’s ecosystem, you’ll be able to add Corso Shipping Protection to checkout, adjust the location to wherever you like and customize the widget to match your brand.

How to Implement Checkout Extensions

To implement Checkout Extensions, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Shopify store

  2. Go to Settings

  3. Go to Checkout
  4. See path below that applies to you:
    1. If you have not updated to Checkout Extensibility, click 'Create draft checkout'
    2. If you have already updated to Checkout Extensibility, click 'Customize'
  5. Click Add app towards bottom

  6. Select Corso Checkout Extension app

  7. Corso’s Extension will be placed in the default location within Express Checkout

  8. Move to the desired location by dragging and dropping ‘Corso Checkout Extension’ on the left menu

    1. We recommend placing the widget in Express Checkout or Contact Shipping. This is because anything in the Order Summary section will be hidden in a drop-down on mobile view
  9. Customize your shipping protection widget to match your brand by changing the accent color in ‘Branding’

    1. You’ll notice that the widget is dynamic and will adjust its text colors according to the background color of your site’s checkout page (ensures ADA compliance)

  10. Congrats! You now have Corso Shipping Protection implemented in Checkout Extensions!

Benefits of Corso’s Checkout Extension:

There are many benefits to using Corso’s Checkout Extension, including:

  • Easy to implement
  • Native look and feel within Shopify's Checkout UI Extensibility
  • Dynamic widget adjusts text color based on background to ensure ADA compliance
  • Requirement from Shopify - Get ahead of the game
  • Corso Shipping Protection in Checkout - This provides several benefits including:
    • Increased conversion rates: Corso Green Shipping can help to increase conversion rates by providing customers with peace of mind and a more convenient checkout experience.
    • Improved customer satisfaction: Corso Green Shipping can help to improve customer satisfaction by providing customers with a more sustainable shipping option.
    • Reduced shipping costs: Corso Green Shipping can help to reduce shipping costs by providing merchants with access to a network of sustainable carriers.
    • Increased brand awareness: Corso Green Shipping can help to increase brand awareness by positioning merchants as leaders in sustainability.


Shopify Checkout Extensions are a great way to customize the checkout experience for your customers. Corso Shipping Protection is an extension that adds shipping protection to any Shopify checkout that has been updated to extensibility. 

Overall, Corso Green Shipping is a valuable addition to Shopify's new Checkout UI Extensions. The service can help merchants to increase conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, reduce shipping costs, and increase brand awareness.