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Intro - Installing the App

Install the app. Connect with Corso. Approve app subscription charges. Grant theme access.


Hi and welcome to Corso!

And thanks for choosing Green Shipping Protection.

We're here for you and excited to get you up and running with our shipping protection services.

We're also very appreciative that we get the chance to work together on improving e-commerce sustainability.

So now that the app is installed, there's just a few things to get started.

 1. Let's Connect

First, we want to get to know you. We love e-commerce brands and want to understand your brand, your customers, and your goals. One of our team members will reach out to you.

2. Approve the App Subscription

Next, go into the Green Shipping Protection app in your Shopify admin and approve the app subscription charge. This is needed to kick off our services. And we'll explain more about this in the billing video.

3. Grant Theme Access (Maybe)

And last, every theme is different. We may need theme access to make everything look just perfect. If things do look out of place, you can turn off the widget in the settings tab of the app. Then, once we have access to your theme, we'll get it configured for you.


These three simple steps will get us going. Again, welcome to Corso and we can't wait to help you make good on all you ship.