Gorgias Integration

How to integrate Corso with Gorgias


Corso makes it easy for you to help your customers resolve shipping issues, returns and exchange all in one place. Usually your customers will contact our Corso Concierge team directly to start a reorder request. But if your customer reaches out to your team first, this integration lets you easily create reorder requests on behalf of your customer.

You will see a sidebar widget for orders where you'll be able to tell if the order is protected by Green Shipping Protection. Then with the simple click of a button, you'll be able to open up a Reorder/Refund Request in seconds.

From there, our Corso Concierge team will reach out to your customer and resolve their shipping issue just as if the customer had reached out to us.


  1. The Shopify integration only works with merchants who have installed the Green Shipping Protection Shopify app.
  2. Install the Green Shipping Protection app on Gorgias.
  3. You will see a widget in the sidebar for your orders with the ability to create a Reorder/Refund Request for orders protected with Green Shipping Protection.
    1. You can see the last 3 orders any customer has made
  4. Select the type of claim you want to create, and then fill out the necessary information before submitting.
  5. Add Notes to Corso Team to provide Corso with any information that can help us resolve the claim more quickly
  6. Add Notes that will be included in the email sent to the customer once the Claim is created
  7. Click 'Execute' to process the claim
    1. Once the claim is successfully created, you will see the following timeline update:
    2. If claim creation fails, you will see the failure in your timeline along with one of the following errors:
          // 406 - No protection purchased
      // 404 - Order not found (check email and/or order number)
      // 400 - Check that required fields were filled correctly

Order Details in Gorgias

With the Corso Post Purchase widget you are able to see the last 3 orders any customer has made. If you click the drop down on an order you'll see a number of order details including:

  • Was Green Shipping Protection Purchased
  • Store Name
  • Order Number
  • Order Name
  • Order Total
  • Created On
  • Line Items purchased

Return & Warranty Request Visibility (Only Available with CREW)

For any brands who have both Green Shipping Protection and CREW by Corso apps installed on Shopify, you can see whether a Return or Warranty Claim exists on orders in Gorgias. The following Claim Details are displayed:

  • You can click 'View Return Request' to open the request directly in the CREW Admin and manage it there.
  • Request Statuses include - Open, In Progress, Closed Resolved, Closed Reordered, Closed Refunded, Closed Denied.