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What to do if green shipping protection is not auto-fulfilling when I fulfill all my other products.

Corso will auto-fulfill Green Shipping Protection whenever you fulfill your first item in the order

In order for an item to be fulfilled in Shopify, we have to fulfill the product at a specified location. The easiest way to make sure shipping protection will auto-fulfill is to have the location of Green Shipping Protection be the same as the other locations you fulfill from. By default this will make it so Green Shipping Protection is auto-fulfilled.

If for some reason, the location of Green Shipping Protection is different than the location of the item being fulfilled, then it won't auto-fulfill. This is easy to correct by contacting Corso at priority@support.com.

All we have to do is force Corso to always look at a specified location to auto-fulfill the product.


Find the location of the Green Shipping Protection in Shopify. You can see this by looking at the product page in shopify admin or in the order details.


Set the location ID so that we always fulfill Green Shipping Protection from the specified location.