What is Green Shipping Protection?

Green Shipping Protection protects your parcel and cancels your carbon


Green Shipping Protection includes 2 services:

  • Shipping Protection
  • Carbon Offset

Shipping Protection

After an order has been placed and Parcel Protect has been purchased, the package is protected from any damage, theft, or loss related to shipment.

You simply contact Corso to request a reorder and our friendly staff helps coordinate with the merchant to make it right.

Carbon Offset

To offset harmful emissions due to standard freight shipments, you have the opportunity to offset any carbon created by your shipment.

This amount is typically very small for a single individual but when combined with the millions of orders placed by our partner merchants, it adds up to a significant amount of CO2 metric tons.

The collected money is given to various certified carbon offset projects.


We are proud to partner with e-commerce merchants to provide Green Shipping Protection to their customers and make good on all they ship.