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What is Final Sale?

Summary of what factors determine whether a product is Final Sale or not

When an item in an order shows as Final Sale, it means that the product is ineligible for a return or warranty claim. Customers will be able to see the item(s) that are marked as Final Sale, but will not be able to return or warranty them.

What can cause an item to be Final Sale?

  • Outside the Return or Warranty Window - If a customer is trying to return or warranty an item outside of the eligibility window set by the brand, the item will show up as Final Sale.
  • Final Sale Tag - Setting up a final sale tag in CREW allows brands to tag products in Shopify that they want to be final sale. Any products tagged with this will always be ineligible for returns or warranties.
  • Corso Green Shipping Protection - Corso sets all Green Shipping Protection purchases as final sale since they can not be returned or warrantied.
  • Gift Cards - Corso sets all gift card purchases as final sale since gift cards can not be returned or warrantied.
  • No Shopify Product ID - If there's been a change to the product ID that the customer is attempting to either return or warranty and CREW is unable to find it in Shopify, the item will be ineligible to return or warranty.