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What happens when a return request is submitted?

A return claim is created and available to be processed within the merchant admin

What is a Return Request?

A return request is when a customer processes a claim within the return window instead of the exchange window. Returns within CREW can result in a Refund, Store Credit, or Variant Exchange.  In the Merchant Admin Return settings, you have the ability to set the number of days from order date a customer is eligible for a Refund, Store Credit or Variant exchange. So if a customer processes a claim within the window set for any of those outcomes, the claim is deemed a return request.

Where do I see return requests?

In the merchant admin navigate to the Returns page to see returns that are In Progress, Ready for Review or Completed:

You can search for a specific claim by searching Order Number or Customer Email:

You can filter by Claim status (In Progress, Ready for Review, Completed or All):

You can filter by Created Date:

What's next?

Once you've found the return request, you are ready to finalize the claim (see What do I need to do to review and finalize a request).