Setting Up Green Shipping Protection with Skio

Green Shipping Protection works great with Skio so that your customers can protect add shipping protection and carbon offsets to all their recurring orders.

How it Works

To have Green Shipping Protection included on each order generated by a customer’s subscription, it must in the cart as a subscription item at checkout. For the Corso widget to add the correct subscription variant to the cart, the Corso product must be added to Skio.

The Corso widget looks at any Skio subscription items in the cart, and determines their selling plan. The widget then attempts to find a Corso subscription variant that matches, and adds it to the cart.

Setting Up Skio

Since you have probably set other items up to be offered as a subscription within Recharge, the process here will be familiar.

  1. First, add a product to Skio and search for Green Shipping Protection or Sustainability & Coverage.
  2. Now begin adding subscribe and save subscription plans. You need to add plans to each variant of Green Shipping Protection. (There are 10+ variants).
  3. You need to add as many plans as you support (i.e. Every 1 month, Every 2 months, Every 3 months, etc)
    1. Note: Skio only supports one frequency type per product, so we only support stores that use only one type. For example, we can't support Skio subscriptions if you have a 2 week plan and a 45 day plan. Skio only allows us to support one type (either days, weeks, or months)
  4. An important step is that the "option label (customer facing) field must be identical to your other products. If you use a label of "Every 4 weeks" on your other products, then you must use the same label of "Every 4 weeks" on the Green Shipping Protection subscription plan
  5. Sync the Skio products to Shopify

This screenshot gives an example of how you might set up the Green Shipping Protection products within Skio.

  1. Make sure the frequency matches the frequency of your subscription plans
  2. Make sure the Option label matches exactly what you put in your other products
  3. Make sure you add as many subscription plans as you support for other products

Please reach out to us at Corso if there are any questions, or if you have any difficulty with setting your store up so that Green Shipping Protection is offered on your subscriptions.