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What are the instructions for our customers to place a reorder?

Here are some instructions you can place on your website so your customers know how to place a reorder.

We partner with Corso to provide Carbon Offsets and Shipping Protection to our customers. If you purchased Green Shipping Protection with your order and your package was damaged, lost, or stolen, here's how you request a reorder.

  1. Green Shipping Protection reorders are made easy at reorder.corso.com
  2. You will need your order number and the email address you placed your order with.
    1. Your order number can be found on the order confirmation email.
  3. Once you indicate if the package was damaged, lost, or stolen and complete the request, you will get a reorder confirmation.
  4. This information is sent to Corso and they may reach out to you with any questions but they usually will have a resolution within 24 hours.
You can also chat with them online or email them at support@corso.com. Have your order number ready. If you purchased Green Shipping Protection, please contact Corso with any questions you have regarding shipping issues.