Advanced Recharge Integration

Streamline Shipping Protection & Subscriptions with Corso's Advanced Recharge Integration

Corso's advanced Recharge integration improves subscriptions with shipping protection included. It ensures accurate shipping protection prices on the initial order, and applies a recurring one time shipping protection charge to any subscriptions created from that initial order. This ensures customer satisfaction and provides the best experience possible. 


  1. Create a Recharge API Token:

    • Log in to your Recharge admin panel.
    • Navigate to Apps.
    • Click on API Tokens.
    • Select Create API Token.
  2. Configure the API Token:

    • Enter a descriptive name for the token, such as "Corso Commerce Token".
    • Enter your merchant contact email address.
  3. Set Permissions:

    • Under Permissions & Scopes, ensure the following permissions are enabled:
      • Orders: Read and Write
      • Subscriptions: Read and Write
  4. Copy and Send API Key:

    • Copy your API key and send it securely to Corso Commerce. This can be done by contacting your Corso representative or through a secure channel provided by Corso.