Getting Started #1 - Talk to an Account Executive

Our Account Executives are amazing. You'll love talking to them.

Obviously no two merchants have the exact same products or customer market. While our services apply to merchants in pretty much every category, it helps to understand how we can help you accomplish your goals.

What we want to learn from you:

1. The brand you have built and the customers you serve.

2. How our services can boost your brand.

3. Key metrics pertinent to the success of our services such as order volume and average order value.

What you will learn from us:

1. How our culture is built to help you build your brand and make good on all you ship.

2. How we become an extension of your support and take care of your customers.

3. How we are dedicated to offsetting carbon emissions for packages sent to your customers.


After speaking with an Account Executive and choosing to proceed with Corso's Green Shipping Protection, you'll be ready for the next step which is installing the Corso App.