Malomo Integration

How to Add Corso to your Malomo Tracking Page

Merchants using the Malomo + Corso integration can offer claim filing for lost shipments directly from their tracking page, where customers are already looking. A branded order tracking experience combined with an easy claims process delights customers and will keep them coming back for more, even when unfortunate issues arise.

Find and Copy your Corso Shop ID

  1. Navigate to the Green Shipping Protection App in Shopify
  2. From the menu on the left select 'Settings & Help`
  3. From the Green Shipping Protection app menu select 'Help & Support'
  4. Go to the 'Storefront ID' section and click 'Copy' to get your Corso Shop ID

Add Corso to a Shopify Theme App Tracking Page

  1. Navigate to the tracking page template page within your theme or click Customize My Page from the Tracking Page Creator section of the Malomo dashboard.

  2. From the left side Layers panel on the tracking page template, click on Malomo Banner › Shipment Tracker.

  3. In the right side Settings panel, scroll down to the Integrations section.

  4. Enter your Corso Shop ID into the Corso Shop Id field.

  5. Click Save.

Add Corso to a Malomo.js Tracking Page 

Add the corso.shopId option to the shipmentTracker element. When calling the Shipment Tracker Element, you will need to supply it with the option corso.shopId and supply your Corso Shop ID. Here’s an example of the code:

elements.create(‘shipmentTracker’, {corso: {shopId: ‘xxx’}})

Visit the Malomo API Documentation to learn more about integrating with Malomo.js.

Add Corso to a Malomo Built and Hosted Tracking Page

If you have a tracking page built and hosted by Malomo, please contact the Malomo support team to assist with activating the Corso integration. Share your Corso Shop ID and Malomo will install and work with you to finalize the design.

Get Additional Help

Need help or experiencing issues with the integration? You can contact the Malomo support team for any questions specific to Malomo, and for anything else reach out to Corso Support.