Getting Started #3 - Configure Your Theme

Shopify is a robust platform and we want to make sure Green Shipping Protection displays perfectly


The last step is to configure your cart page to offer Green Shipping Protection just before the customer checks out.

It is very important to all of us that we don't take anything away from your brand or your conversion metrics on such a critical point in the checkout funnel.

We have designed this widget to not be intrusive while still giving flexibility and power to the consumer to choose what the do or don't want to add.

Adding Corso To Your Theme

You can add the following snippet inside your theme's code editor on the cart page.

<div id="corso-protection-placeholder" style="display: none;"></div>

Our implementation team is on standby to make sure this is implemented correctly and looks great in your site.

If you need further assistance, please contact us at

Pricing Limit Default

If you don't see the widget on the cart, it is because the total order amount exceeded our standard shipping protection availability. By default we protect up to $600, but we can configure a pricing structure that better fits your products as needed. Please let us know so we can discuss the best options for your brand's products.

Rock and Roll!

Once this is on your site and published live, then Corso is ready to go and customers will begin seeing the option to add Green Shipping Protection to their order.

Let's do this together!