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Intro - Widget

The Green Shipping Protection widget is designed to put your brand front and center


Now let's talk about the widget that gets placed on your theme. We built the widget to mostly work out of the box. But sometimes we need to make adjustments with theme access. And also, please let us know if there is a development team we need to coordinate with.

Your Brand Your Widget

The default widget looks great and it's what most brands use. But we know your site is about your brand and your products. So we put extra effort into designing our widget in a way that allows it to highlight your brand, your messaging, and your style.

Widget Placement

The widget is placed anywhere near the checkout button. Our widget also works in the Shopify Plus checkouts.

Watch this video to learn how to place the widget in your theme: https://help.corso.com/make-it-shine

Information Modal

And also, there's a small information modal which customers can access that can be configured with some images and a few paragraphs.


Most of all, we want to make sure your brand stays front and center, and we can't wait to see what you come up with.