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Intro - Reorders

Reorders and refunds are integrated into your Shopify admin to make it easy for you.


The heart and soul of Green Shipping Protection is the quick support we provide for shipping issues.

A Friendly Experience

Your customers, if they have a problem, can contact us via chat, email, or self-service through the Reorder Request. We strive to make it a friendly and painless experience, so this way they trust buying your products again.

Standard Reorders

Usually we're able to reorder the same items that were on the original order. Our support tools are integrated with your Shopify Admin to easily facillitate a reorder, and they will appear just like any other order within your Shopify admin.

Alternative Orders and Refunds

If the items are no longer in stock, we work with the customer to find an item of similar value. And ultimately, if the customer requests a refund, we process a refund on your behalf, and it will appear in your admin just as if you processed the refund yourself.

Response Time

Of course, we respond immediately to all requests, and we are usually able to resolve any issues within 24 hours. So even though the customer had a painful experience with shipping, they end up with a great experience, and are so grateful for the Green Shipping Protection you offered them.


Our team is on this and we'll be looking for those first orders to come in.