Intro - Carbon Offset

Green Shipping Protection let's the customer make their shipment carbon neutral


We are so gratefull for brands who participate with us in e-commerce sustainability. So in addition to your other sustainability efforts, Green Shipping Protection offsets 100% of the shipping carbon, making the shipment carbon neutral.

Here's how it works.

Carbon Offset Algorithm

Based on order fulfillment details, we use industry standard metrics in our algorithm to determine how much carbon we need to offset.

Carbon Offset Projects

We then contribute the funds to our partners who oversee independently verified carbon offset projects. These projects are all over the world and range from planting trees, to forest and grassland preservation, to methane capture.


We'll tell you exactly how much carbon your brand has offset that contributes to the greater whole of all the Green Shipping Protection brands.


Together we can make a significant impact and truly make good on all you ship.