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Intro - Billing

Your bill is made up of the sum of Green Shipping Protection earnings, minus any reorders or refunds.


One of the frequent questions we get has to do with the app subscription charge. It's important to know that Corso will never bill more than what you earned with Green Shipping Protection.

Here's how it works.

Simple Explanation

Your customers add Green Shipping Protection as a line item on the order and you collect the money. Then every week, Corso will send an app usage bill through Shopify. The bill is determined by the sum of Green Shipping Protection earnings minus any reorders or refunds processed by Corso. Approving the app subscription when you first install Green Shipping Protection gives Shopify the permission to send those funds to us.

Quick Example

If 100 of your customers purchase Green Shipping Protection for $1, you would collect the $100. Then let's say there is a $75 reorder. We would process that request and place a reorder through Shopify's API. As a result, Corso would deduct $75 from the invoice and only bill you the remaining $25. The $75 reorder is covered by what you collected from Green Shipping Protection.


We will send you a weekly invoice via email with an attached CSV that breaks down the orders, reorders, and refunds that make up the bill.

If you are not receiving a weekly invoice, let us know by emailing priority@corso.com and we can update the email address we are sending the invoice to. 


This wraps up the most critical starting points for Green Shipping Protection. Thank you so much for choosing to install our app, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Let's go!