Getting Started #2 - Install the Corso App

We've made it really easy to install and get going


The Corso App is just one click away and is installed from your platform's app marketplace. We've really tried hard to make it as smooth as possible.

During the installation process, a few things happen behind the scenes.

  • A member of our implementation team is alerted that you installed the app.
  • The necessary Corso products get added to your product inventory. These are skus that the customer can add to their cart just before checking out.
  • You get immediate access to the admin dashboard and app settings.

Billing Subscription

Once the app is installed, you will need to accept the billing subscription before we can offer Green Shipping Protection to your customers. This is the mechanism that your e-commerce platform requires in order to facilitate our monthly invoices.

Here's how this works:

Orders: For any customer who adds Shipping Protection or Carbon Offset to their order, you as a merchant collect the money for those added products just like any other product in your inventory.

Service: For any customer who has an issue with their shipment, Corso handles the technology and support service for your customer to receive a reorder or a refund.

Insights: You are able to see all this activity in the Corso Merchant Dashboard. From there you can even submit a reorder request on behalf of your customer.

Invoice: At the end of the month we bill you for the amount of any Shipping Protection or Carbon Offset products that were purchased. This amount covers our support team, carbon offset project investments, platform fees*, technology costs and product innovation.

*If you aren't aware, e-commerce platforms charge a developers fee to offer apps within their marketplace.


There are only a few settings to keep in mind. We definitely recommend just going with the recommended settings.

  • You can enable either Green Shipping Protection and Shipping Carbon Offset Only.
    • Green Shipping Protection: your customers get the benefit of offsetting their shipping carbon & they get shipping protection in case of damage, loss, or theft.
    • Shipping Carbon Offset Only: your customers get the opportunity to make their order 100% carbon neutral.
  • You can also choose whether or not you want these products defaulted to opted-in or opted-out for your customers.


  • The dashboard gives you a summary of all orders placed, how many reorders have been requested, and how many metric tons of CO2 have been offset.
  • You also get access to every order and their shipping protection status for this month and last month.
  • The great thing about this dashboard is that you can submit a reorder request directly from this view. This allows you to handle any shipping issues yourself with your own support staff.
  • You can also search any order by last name or order number.