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How to Generate a Return Shipment

Create a return shipment quick and easy right within your Crew admin

If a return shipment hasn't been created for an claim in Crew, you can simply create one for your customer right within the Crew admin, making sure to resolve their claim as quickly as possible. 

Steps to Creating a Return Shipment

  1. Navigate to 'Return Shipment' within the claim and click the '+' icon to create a new Return Shipment
  2. Create the Return shipment:
    1. Select the Return Policy to use for creating the return shipment, which includes the return address
    2. Choose between a Packing Slip or providing a Shipping Label for a return method that will be created.
      1. If Shipping Label is selected, enter the combined weight of the items in the shipment
  3. Select the rate you'd like to be used for the shipment, and click 'Create'
  4. View generated return shipment in claim view
    1. Click 'Download a label' to view the shipping label you just created
    2. Click your tracking number to be directed to the tracking page for the return shipment
  5. Customers can now also view their return shipment in the Customer Portal when looking up the order by Email/Postal Code and Order number