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How do I set up Return Reasons?

Set up reasons for why a product is being returned by customers

What are Return Reasons

Return reasons are the reasons that a customer is returning something (straightforward right).  As a customer navigates through the return process, they will select a return reason and reason detail that best aligns with why they are returning the product. 

Although CREW comes with a default list, you can customize your reasons by:

  • Adding new reasons
  • Deleting existing reasons
  • Adding/Removing reason details

Adding Reasons

  1. Navigate to Settings > Reasons > + Add Reason
  2. Once you have entered a reason name and selected a category, click the '+' to add the reason

Deleting Reasons

  1. Hover over the reason you want to delete and click the trash can

Reason Details

  1. Click on any reason you want to add a reason detail to
  2. Enter reason detail name and click the '+' to add

What does this look like for the customer

  1. Once they've chosen a product to return, they will see the list of reasons
  2. After they select a reason and click next, they will see the details associated to the return reason they selected