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Green Shipping Protection Product FAQ

Questions and answers about the Green Shipping Protection Product that gets added to your store

Upon install, a product called "Sustainability & Coverage" will get added to your store. Here are a questions and answers about how to manage this product.

Why does the product need to be Active?

Shopify uses a "closed cart" system which means that an item must be added to the cart in order for the customer to pay for it. In order for a customer to add the Green Shipping Protection service to their order, they must add a product to the cart. Only products in an "Active" status can be added to a cart in Shopify.

Why are there multiple variants?

Each variant of Green Shipping Protection represents a cart value range. Based upon the cart subtotal, we automatically add the right variant to the cart.

Can we change the product name and image?

Changing the default product names and image is against our terms of service. Please contact us if you would like these to be adjusted.

We have seen in rare circumstances where Paypal will reject an order where there is a product that has the word "Shipping" in the title. This doesn't happen for every store, but be aware of this if we discuss possible name changes to the product.

Is Green Shipping Protection Taxed?

By default Shopify creates new products and sets the product to be taxed. We don't alter this field. Please consult a tax professional to determine if you feel this service should not be taxed and then update the "Charge Tax On This Variant" checkbox.

The checkbox is auto-checked for my customers, can I default it to unchecked?

The best way to protect your customers packages, reduce your support load, and participate in e-commerce sustainability is to have the box automatically checked for your customers. This is what the vast majority of our customers do and this service actually helps with cart conversion.

There is a pretty big difference in our ability to serve your customers if you choose not to auto-check the Green Shipping Protection box. If you would like to uncheck the box, please contact us at priority@corso.com so we can discuss the pros and cons.

How does Green Shipping Protection get fulfilled?

We will auto-fulfill the Green Shipping Protection line item whenever another line item in the order gets fulfilled. For this to happen, Shopify requires that we fulfill the product from a location. This means that by default, the fulfillment location of Green Shipping Protection and your other products need to be the same. Please contact us at priority@corso.com if that is not the case.

What about SEO information?

We disable SEO for Green Shipping Protection, but it is very important that the handle is "green-shipping-protection" or "sustainability-coverage". Customers will not be able to add Green Shipping Protection to their order if the handle changes.

Since the product must be active, how can I hide it from my customers?

The best way to hide this product is to filter it out of your collections. You can do this by using the criteria of "Vendor Is Not Equal To Corso".

Every Shopify site has a default collection called "all". You may need to create your own "all" collection and use the filter criteria above. Just make sure that the SEO handle is set to "all" and this will override Shopify's default "all" collection.