January 29, 2024 - Enhancements to Gorgias Integration

Do more than ever before with Corso's Post Purchase Widget in Gorgias

Create Shipping Protection Claims in Gorgias

You no longer need to leave Gorgias to create a Shipping Protection Claim. Click 'Create Shipping Reorder Claim' or 'Create Shipping Refund Claim' to create a claim for an order right within Gorgias.

Visibility into more Order Details

You can now see the last 3 orders made by the customer, whether the order included Green Shipping Protection, and additional order details saving you time from having to go to Shopify for the same information.

See Return & Warranty Requests when using CREW

If you are using both Green Shipping Protection and CREW by Corso, you can now see whether a Return or Warranty request has been submitted for any of the last 3 orders made by the customer. Learn more about CREW.