Crew Shopify App Theme Extension

Learn how to embed the Crew by Corso app directly in your Shopify Store

Requirements to go live with app extension:
  • Crew by Corso app has to be installed on your store
  • You must be an Active Crew by Corso customer

What is the Crew by Corso Shopify App Theme Extension?

This is the Crew by Corso app for Returns, Exchanges, Warranties and Tracking as a Shopify App extension. If brands are using Corso Shipping Protection this will also allow customers to file shipping protection claims. 

Adding the Crew by Corso App Extension allows brands to provide a more customized customer experience, maximizing value and increasing customer satisfaction.

Getting Started

  1. Navigate to the page you want to embed the app in your Shopify Admin:
    1. Go to Sales Channels > Online Store
    2. Click 'Customize' on your current theme
    3. Find the page where you want to add the embedded app (i.e. Returns & Exchanges)
  2. Add a Block or Section to your page and select 'Crew by Corso' from the Apps section
  3. Log in to the Crew Merchant Admin and copy your 'Customer Portal URL'
    1. Paste the URL into the Crew by Corso extension settings
  4. Click Save
  5. The Crew by Corso Embedded app is now Live on your Shopify Store