March 18, 2024 - Corso Conversations

See Corso Concierge Communication within Shopify and Gorgias

Previously, while you could see if a customer filed a shipping protection claim within the Shopify app, the communication between Corso Concierge and the customer remained inaccessible. This required you to exit your workflow and contact Corso via separate channels, hindering efficiency.

Concierge Conversations allow you to view any communication about a shipping protection claim between Corso and your customer. See this right within the Corso Shipping Protection app in Shopify, or if you're using Gorgias you can also see the messages in the Corso Post Purchase Widget.

Improved Transparency within Shopify:

  • Gain complete visibility into the communication history between Corso Concierge and your customer for each shipping protection claim.
  • Access this information directly within your Shopify app, eliminating the need to switch platforms.

Streamlined Workflows:

  • Consolidate all shipping protection claim details, including the communication history, in one central location within Shopify.
  • Manage the entire claim process more efficiently without the need to access multiple platforms.

Enhanced Functionality for Gorgias Users:

For merchants utilizing Gorgias for their helpdesk solution, Corso seamlessly integrates to display:

  • All shipping protection claims, including the communication history.
  • This consolidated view directly within your Gorgias dashboard eliminates the need to switch platforms.