Configure Email Settings

Customize your email settings to ensure your customers receive updates the way you prefer

Email Recipient and Sender Settings

Customize the send from and reply to name and emails for all emails sent through CREW.

Automated Emails Settings

Enable automated emails for return expiring, return reminder and return submitted. Once enabled you'll notice we auto-fill the subject, header and body text. You can keep what exists, or customize it to better fit your needs.

Claim Finalization Emails Settings

When finalizing a claim in CREW, you will have the option to send out an email to notify your customer. The following are email templates you can customize to fit your needs when notifying customers of the status or outcome of their claim:

  • Return Approved As Requested - You have approved the customer's claim as they requested without any changes.
  • Return Approved NOT as requested - You have approved part of the customer's claim, but it wasn't exactly as they requested (i.e. approved 2 line items but denied 1).
  • Return Needs More Info - You haven't approved the return because it is missing information
  • Return Denied - You have fully denied the customer's claim