How does the billing subscription work?

If Green Shipping Protection is free to the merchant, why do we need to send you an invoice.

When one of your customers adds Green Shipping Protection to their order, it gets added as line item to the order. As the merchant, you collect the money for that line item.

Meanwhile, part of the service you get from Corso is that we handle all the support for any shipping issues. To make our service fast and effective, we simply reorder and pay in advance for the customer's order for any approved claims. You don't have to cover this payment, so this  means you are actually getting paid twice for that customer's order.

At the end of the month we then invoice you for all the Green Shipping Protection line items purchased to cover the cost of all the reorders.

We also donate a portion of the invoiced amount to a verified carbon offset project to achieve 100% carbon neutrality for your customer.

Here is a simple example to understand how it works:

1000 customers added Green Shipping Protection for $1.25 $1,250 (Total Invoice Amount)
10 reorders Corso paid for with an AOV of $100 $1000
Carbon Offset cost Corso donates to a verified Carbon offset project $150
Corso's amount leftover $100


Green Shipping Protection will always be free to you as the merchant.