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BigCommerce User Guide

The 2 main purposes of Green Shipping Protection are to protect against shipping issues and reduce carbon

Shipping Protection Overview

The heart and soul of Green Shipping Protection is the quick support we provide for shipping issues.

Your customers, if they have a shipping problem, can contact us via chat, email, or self-service through the Reorder Request. We make reordering a friendly and painless experience, so this way they trust buying your products again.

Standard Reorders

Usually we're able to reorder the same items that were on the original order. Our support tools are integrated with your BigCommerce Admin to easily facillitate a reorder, and they will appear just like any other order within your Shopify admin.

Alternative Orders and Refunds

If the items are no longer in stock, we work with the customer to find an item of similar value. And ultimately, if the customer requests a refund, we process a refund on your behalf, and it will appear in your admin just as if you processed the refund yourself.

Response Time

We respond to all reorder requests within 24 hours, usually within the hour. We then work with them to make sure that their issue is resolved. So even though the customer had a painful experience with shipping, they end up with a great experience

Creating Reorder Requests

Your customers will go to reorder.corso.com to initiate their reorder request. If the customer reaches out to your support team, you can also go to reorder.corso.com to fill out a reorder request on behalf of your customer.

Upon submission, your customer will get an email and a reorder request confirmation number. An email notification also gets sent to our support team where they will begin communicating and resolving the shipping issue.

You can also email support@corso.com or ask our team about a slack integration to communicate about shipping issues with our Corso Concierge.


Carbon Offset

Green Shipping Protection reduces the carbon of e-commerce shipments. For each customer that adds Green Shipping Protection to their order, a portion of the amount is contributed to a verified carbon offset project. These projects are independently verified to offset the carbon they claim to offset.

Based on the order fulfillment details, we use an EPA standard calculation to determine the amount of carbon created by shipping the package.

In the Green Shipping Protection app, we'll tell you exactly how much carbon your brand has offset that contributes to the greater whole of all the Green Shipping Protection brands.