Approve App Subscription

Approving the app subscription in Shopify gives Corso permission to invoice for CREW

A common question we get is why the App Subscription must be approved in order start using CREW.

Corso has made the decision to bill for our services through the Shopify platform which we believe is a better and streamlined experience for everyone. Many apps do not bill through the Shopify Platform and invoices are sent and paid outside of Shopify.

Our goal is to make our services as easy as we can for merchants to use and get benefit from.

Billing for CREW

Our goal is to make CREW as valuable as possible for all brands. To do this, we have multiple billing plans available to support the needs of any brand looking to use CREW. 
If you have questions about billing plans reach out to us at

What is the App Spending Limit

When you approve the app subscription, Shopify makes us place upper-limit threshold on the amount we can bill you for. This is to protect you from any apps that might charge you an extreme amount without you knowing.

By default the initial amount is set at $25,000.00 USD per 30 days. If the invoice amount ever exceeds that, then a new app subscription would need to be approved.

How to approve the App Subscription

  1. Click the 'Approve' button in CREW Integrations Settings
  2. Enter payment information and click 'Approve'